Slaying Google Adwords

When people search for your product or service. Are they able to find you now?

Think about when someone needs a plumber they go on Google and search for “Plumber in Mississauga”.

Plumber in Mississauga search in Google

Did you know if your ad is showing in the first four positions you have between an 8% and 2% chance of having your link clicked? If you are anywhere below that your chances of being clicked fall dramatically as low as 0.06% if your ad is below the fold. Below is what Google spits out when you search for a plumber in Mississauga.

Adwords position

No matter what you do you don’t want your ad to be lower than here. You probably are asking yourself two questions right now:

(1) How do I rank organically where I don’t have to pay Google?

(2) How do I optimize my ads for higher ad placement without paying more for clicks?

This is where our services come in. We can look at where your site needs improvements to rank organically as well as advice you on a strategy going for. Be wary of any search engine optimization company that promises #1 placement on Google. No company can guarantee results. Ranking hire in Google isn’t about pointing as many non-relevant links at your site as possible, it’s increasingly becoming about building a brand. We can provide consulting in this area related to your site’s design layout, and infrastructure to help improve your user experience. A better user experience will translate into more consumers and higher organic placement.

While you’re waiting for your organic search results to improve, why not advertise on Google? Google’s Adwords program will put your company where it matters most: at the top of Google. Let’s go back to our plumber example, if you even starting out in plumbing you can have the #1 spot provided you are willing to pay for it. Of course, if you are paying more than you are making this isn’t good for business. This is where we come in. We will optimize, monitor and always follow the best practices when managing your Adwords account.

We’ve managed Adwords accounts for small businesses spending a few hundred per month to large corporations spending millions. No matter you’re budget we can get better results where it matters most: improving your click through rate and increasing your sales.