Is This How It Ends?

It all started in the fall of September (or maybe it was always happening), I had this intense urge for change, though I wasn’t sure what kind of change. I just knew I needed to do something. I had been working at a boring insurance company for the last three and a half years and was saying to myself “is this it?” Is this how my movie ends? I didn’t look kindly on the 30, 40, and 50 year olds that we’re content with being mindless robots racing to retirement or death (whichever came first). I befriended many of these people as I do have a strange way of relating to people 20 and 30 years older than me and found that while they we’re good normal people, along the way they just said “screw it, lay the crap on me”.

Knowing that I couldn’t do that and having the safety net of still living with my folks I decided to get out of the proverbial jail and quit. I’m not sure what made me do it, or what was the final straw I just knew I needed change. It’s kind of funny in retrospect as the company within a year of me leaving went bankrupt, taking their stock from $45 when I first started to about $1.50 when I left. Seeing people in their 40s with families watch as their pension disintegrate was troubling and I vowed I would never work for a company that didn’t put the people first. You see this company was stuck in the 1940s where the boss is always right and the workers provide no input are not allowed to question authority and are merely button pushers.

A Teens Guide to Self-Help

I had always been an avid reader of self-help books since my teens such as investment books like Peter Lynch’s Beating the Street to engrossing myself in the self help book to end all self help books Think And Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. I even read the huge classic version which is actually bigger than your university’s Biology 101 text book. Even though I had read pretty much everything related to finance, self-help, management and marketing it isn’t worth much until you actually do something with it. And I had no clue what to do. Since I was a pretty good stock picker particularly in the resource sector, I thought I was going to become a day trader or FX trader. While I did prove successful trading stocks and FX, I felt weird that I was just playing an educated “video game”, in which all I did was find undervalued companies. I ultimately felt I wasn’t providing any value to the world, only to myself. I decided to give up trading. But what was I going to do?

My First Website

At the same time, I had been a lover of music both as an artist and listener. I wanted to write about music in a way that was entertaining and unbiased as I saw many publications and sites being in bed with labels and thus had an interest in seeing certain acts succeed. Many self help books tell you to follow your passion, so I created a little ugly website about music reviews since I knew graphic design and a little html. The site introduced me to the world of online marketing as I tirelessly learned ways to monetize it by reading all the seminal “Make Money Online” blogs of the time as well as participating in all the forums. I realize now it was a strange mix of luck and passion as in 2007, wordpress, affiliate marketing and the web 2.0 revolution was going into a hyper growth phase. Needless to say from this point I went on to create sites and promote offers in every field I had an interest in while successfully avoiding shady ones such as the weight loss and gambling. I’m particularly proud I never promoted shady weight loss offers, even though the money I could have made would have made me a millionaire many times over. However, my sense to never promote anything even the slightest bit dirty turned out to be a good thing because just last year the FTC started going after weight loss marketers for their use of “flogs” and web copy full of unsubstantiated claims.

Make a Good Story, Great!

Through my experiences using all the major advertising platforms as well as social media I have realized the truth to the saying “You can’t polish a turd and call it gold.” As a musician I always cared about the end product, not the profit. Maximizing shareholder value isn’t the key to growth, maximizing consumer value is. My goal as an interest generator (I hate the word marketer) is to bridge the gap between the people that make the products and the people that market it. If you have a good product that’s okay, that’s fine with the status quo, I’m not your guy, if you have a truly amazing product, I would love to help you tell your story better. Hit me up.

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